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# 13.1.03 by Dan
Am about to leave work to go play touch....

Have recently had a discussions with two different people regarding whether we can be assured of our salvation and whether we are 'once saved, always saved'.

One of my friends maintains that Calvinism provides no means for assurance of our salvation.
Quote: "A belief in total depravity means that it is logically impossible for a person to know their election or lack therein without God explicitly saying so in some kind of mystical vision or crap like that, because the problem is that we cannot know, because under calvinism we can't at the best of times trust or rely on anything we do as being a true reflection of who we are." Endquote.

This gives me something to investigate... I must say I do need find out a bit more about what Calvinism states in as explict terms as I can find. Let me know if you've got any good stuff about this.

Well, Michelle will be here to pick me up shortly, so I better sign off for now.