Dan’s Online Diary 

# 13.1.03 by Dan
Back again...

... had an excellent chat with Muffy over lunch - feeling even more convicted to actually be pro-active for the kingdom. Not simply to cease to watch worldly movies etc, but to expend those resources (time and money, predominantly) for the explict purpose of advancing the kingdom of Christ. This may mean using the money to sponsor a child, using the time to share the gospel, or meet together for a time of study, prayer or fellowship etc - there are many possibilities.
How much worse is it if we have an increased awareness of what we should be doing, but still fail to do it?

Sushi for lunch is good. I'd tell you the name of the place i got it from but for the fact that the cleaners have just emptied the bin that contained the paper bag it came in. I should have recycled it instead.
Its the place on the ground level of the Downtown shopping centre.