Dan’s Online Diary 

# 13.1.03 by Dan
Good morning...

Since this is the first entry, I may as well ramble on a bit - provide a bit of history etc...... -coffee break- ... Ahhh - thats better. Now where was I???.... Oh yeah... had an excellent Christmas/New Years - took no leave from work, but still managed to get to YBC for all the days, bar one. I must say it was the best YBC yet in my opinion.
Having said that, I've found that everytime something excellent happens, it always tends to die off, and everything returns back to 'normal' after a week or two.

I've recently been convicted of a number of things - partly as a result of the the messages/studies at YBC, and also as a result of the discussions that have arisen afterwards on the YBC discussion board.

Firstly, I have been convicted of the fact that we need to have more of an influence for Christ in the world. I feel this goes beyond simple evangelism. We need firstly to develop a Christian worldview - recognise that as the Creator, Christ knows all, is in control of all, and cares for all.
We should be honest about our faith at work. Too many people are surrounded by Christian friends, got to church and bible studies and youth group and everything. But when they go to work/school etc, they close themselves off to the world - remaining in their own little bubble of Christianity - perhaps even scared of the world. I maintain that although we are not of the world, we are still in it, and need to know how to relate to the world, that we might be able to show the love of Christ, and win people for the kingdom. I think we need to be active - go out for a beer with 'the guys' every now and then - play on the work touch team - get involved in the community - the community beyond the church. How else is the world to know what it means to be in Christ, if all they see are quiet timid silent people who want as little to do with them as is possible?

So - I have been convicted of my ineffectiveness at work, and plan to be more active going forward. Secondly, (conversely, almost, to my first point)I have been convicted of the fact that we are all too willing to soak up the crap that the world dishes out without question, often to the detriment of our Christian walk. If we are to grow spiritually, we need to ensure that what we are taking in is of a positive spiritual influence. The music we listen to and movies we watch are by-and-large produced by worldy people under worldly influences, and are therefore neither wholesome nor edifying for us to imbibe as Christians. We need to 'cast off' these things that will hinder us in our race. Too many of us Christians (myself included) want to listen to dodgy music, and want to watch a movie that has sex and dodgy stuff in it, and are very reluctant to give these things up. How are we going to be effective for Christ's kingdom if we are polluted by the world? My desire to watch worldy movies has diminished, although I'm still struggling with the music side of it.

So - as you can see, I have made some New Year's resolutions, so-to-speak, and would ask that you all (whoever you are) please hold me accountable to these tihngs, and I also challenge you all to actively seek to throw off those things that hinder your effectiveness for Christ.

I would really love to see the fire that has been kindled by the Word, through YBC and subsequent fellowship, continue to burn and not fizzle out, as it usually does.

It is good to see that some of us are taking the initiative to form accountablity groups or partnerships - I believe that for us as co-members in the body of Christ, accountablilty is invaluable, helping us to grow through the testimony and encouragement of one another.

Get posting on the YBC discussion board. Ask some questions and answer some questions.
Talk to me if you see me wavering my resolutions, or if you feel I am off-track or out of line.

..... and a big thanks to you all for your fellowship over the past few weeks - it has been great to get to know you all a little better.

Have a great day.....