Dan’s Online Diary 

# 22.1.03 by Dan
I've been very boring lately.

I've got these cool bruisy lines on my shoulders from the lift-the-little-dumbells-up-like-your're-flying thingies I did at the gym. They do have a proper name. Jono tells me Dwaine gets them too. I've been feeling melancholic lately. Send me an email if you know why.
I must confess I haven't read my bible since Monday. I know what I'll be doing this evening.
Scotty has once again recommended "Disciplines Of A Godly Man" - by R. Kent Hughes. I own it, but, alas, I have not been disciplined enough to get beyond the 2nd chapter. Something else I will be doing this evening.

Going to look at another house this evening. Its only a couple of years old.
I just realised I forgot to tell you that the offer we put in on 85c Hill Road fell through on Monday. There was another party interested, and apparently their initial offer was higher than we were willing to go for our final offer. Oh well - another 'possible' down the tubes.

I ate a whole packet of rice crackers just now. 92% fat free and they don't have flavour enhancer #621, which is good for a change. 621 is MSG - Monosodium Glutamate. Also carcenogenic, apparently.

Oh well.... til next time...