Dan’s Online Diary 

# 19.1.03 by Dan
Steve brought the Word to us this morning. We looked at the passage in John where Jesus rasies Lazarus.
Jesus Controls: He knew exactly what was going on, and knew fully that He would be raising Lazarus from the dead, which is why he did not rush to attend to him while he was still only sick.
Jesus shows Compassion: He feels very deeply for Mary and Martha's loss, and Himself despairs at the power of death. He shows kindness and compassion to the sisters, and the Jews who were there, also.
and Jesus Commands: He orders Lazarus (dead for 4 days) to rise from the tomb and come out. Lazarus comes out, and comes back to life. Jesus has power over worldly death - but remember, Lazarus is not resurrected, he is merely resusitated. There is not spiritual resurrection in this particular act. His true display of power over spiritual death comes through his atonement for us by His death on the cross.
That was the message in brief.

Well, talk about an action-packed weekend!
Yesterday, Scotty and I walked Clevedon Hill.
This afternoon, I went mountain-biking in Woodhill forest with Muffy and Nic - it was so much fun!! The seat-post on the bike I was using (my sister's) was already bent, but now its really bent. So much so that I had to do the last half of the ride without sitting down. My legs are real tired.
Well, I best go find my wife and spend some time with her this evening. Take care all.