Dan’s Online Diary 

# 29.1.03 by Dan
Today is our wedding anniversary. Three years of wedded bliss(mostly). I must say I certainly have grown since I got married. And Michelle has grown probably even more than I.

Moved desks today (at work). Now the boss can see exactly what I am doing at any given moment of the day. Its not that I'm slack or don't do my work - I just supplement it with MSN Messenger conversations, MSN discussion group postings, and blog entries. All of which I can no longer do whilst at work, which is probably not a bad thing..

Really wrecked myself at the gym this morning - I was thinking it wouldn't be too bad, given all the walking and running and leaping and moshing and yelling I did at Parachute - but oh well..... I'm still alive - just. Pretty hungry too. Michelle and I are going out for dinner tonight. Yummy Italian restaurant.