Dan’s Online Diary 

# 18.1.03 by Dan
Yay - its the weekend!

Read through the book of Jonah this morning. Not sure why.
I was struck how we also can have Jonah's attitude - unwilling to share the gospel, since we do not believe that others deserve to share with us in the eternal blessings of Christ.
We expect God to be concerned about our lives, but do not want him to care for others.
We must realise that God loves all his people, and we who are saved are all Jonahs - called to go out to the world to tell the gospel, but we, un like Jonah, are to be willing - realising that we are just as undeserving of God's grace as those who are yet unsaved.
Just some thoughts, anyway.

And in fulfilling the task we have been called to, we can witness the awesome transforming power of God at work in the hearts of others. In the same way God turned the hearts of the Ninevites(a pagan culture) to Him, it is just as amazing to see Him transform the life of the unbeliever who hears the gospel and believes.

This morning we put an offer in on the house we saw the other day.
>Here< is a link to the Harcourts website with info about the house (if you're interested).
We suddenly realised how little we had been praying for God's help in our house-hunting. Hmmmm - not so good.

Michelle has to work from 2pm this afternoon through to about 2am tomorrow morning - she is organising the staff party at her >work<, which is tonight. Not so good - I'll have to find something to do in her absence.