Dan’s Online Diary 

# 26.2.03 by Dan
I am so slack........
I've started tech now - just doing one paper - am able to shuffle my work hours around lectures, so I don't have to cut any work. Quite good really. Only problem is parking - really expensive in town for just a few hours - since I'm not staying in town for the whole day, I can't just get by on the Earlybird rates.
Tech is good (so far) - this semester is my third attempt at the Systems and Control paper - same lecturer and all - hopefully I'll be able to deal to it properly this time. It's quite scary to think that I first started my course in 1995. I won't be finishing it unitl the middle of next year, which means I won't be graduating until 2005. So a total of 10 years spent on a 4.5 year degree... pretty shocking really.

I've been getting into a bit of anime/manga. I've read the whole megatokyo strip. I really love the art work - I must have a bit of a play around with a pencil and see if I can turn out anything useful.

Matt - did you sort out the old ASCII Mona Lisa?

--==Gotta jet