Dan’s Online Diary 

# 28.3.03 by Dan
A few weeks ago Police were informed of a possible terrorist attack to occur midday, today - the target likely to be a hotel, cinema or water supply. Given I'm sitting on the Australian consulate (they're in the floor directly below us), my position might also be a potential point of terrorist activity. Its 12:15, and I haven't been blown apart, so I'm feeling quite optimistic. I've been drinking coffee, the main component of which is water, but I'm feeling distinctly cyanide-less, so I'm pretty happy about that. Don't plan on watching any movies, but Michelle does work in a hotel - so am experiencing a mild degree of apprehension in that regard.
If we don't let them induce a state of terror in our minds, then they are not terrorists, and they have failed in their intended task - no matter how many bombs go off. I personally am not terrorfied, nor would I be if a situation of potential terror were to ensue. I would keep calm and, as the fire warden for this floor, would perform my building-evacuation duties without panic. (its all very well for me to say that now, isn't it??? hehe).

In other news:
- my fellow bloggers have highly recommended Sarah Jones's blog, as do I.
- party at 27 Arthur Road, Manurewa - all and sundry are invited.
- listening to Wipeout 2097 soundtrack