Dan’s Online Diary 

# 30.3.03 by Dan
Sunday morning......

Had an excellent study last night, led by Peter Reynolds (lecturer at Grace Theological College). I was late since I had to drop off a bandanna accidently left in the car by a previous passenger. We started part one of a two part series looking at the Holy Spirit. One thing that struck me was the fact that the Holy Spirit works in us both intimately and personally, but not privately. ie: We should not seek for the Holy Spirit to guide us thus : "Should I move to Christchurch or not?". Rather : "Thank you that this opportunity to move to CHCH has arisen - please guide me such that I might better set my perspective on the Age to Come(which is already here, btw)". Also, the redemptive work of Christ was for the whole of creation. Therefore, the Holy Spirit, who applies the redemptive work of Christ to creation, is not simply a personal tool for our own use (which is how many Christians see Him), but rather, is applying the work of Christ to God's people personally, corporately, and also outside of the body of Christ, across the whole of creation.

Off to church with a mildy overhauled zeal. We are singing 'Heart of Worship' this morning - since I have had the concept of worship on my mind recently, as a result of some of Andrew Macpherson's sermons, and some other stuff.

You all have an excellent Sabbath. Praise the Lord.