Dan’s Online Diary 

# 28.4.03 by Dan
I must say, I wasn't intending to post in my blog right now, but my wife appears to have been detained at her bible study, and is not yet home, so thought I could just jot down a few things in the meantime... but whaddaya know? I hardly finish my sentence and she walks in the door.

Hung out with Muffy this evening - went round to his place - played playstation, and perused parts of his flatmate's recently restored BMW R100 motorcycle, which I must say looks totally awesome. Midnight Club II comes out mid-May, and looks promising - Muffy and I have totally hammered the first Midnight Club - and still have an awesome time playing capture the flag, and number II reportedly has even more cooler features than I (you can check it out at the RockStar website.)

Anyway, must away - time for a cup of herbal tea, and then to bed.