Dan’s Online Diary 

# 1.4.03 by Dan
If I had broadband, I'm sure the frequency with which I would find my self blogging would be greatly increased. The data throughput rate of my brain is uncomparibly higher than that of my fingers, which, in turn, is considerably higher than the speed at which I can be bothered logging in to update my blog. So you imagine how much data just spills out into the ether whilst I am not connected to my blog. I am such a g33k.

The Party. Well, my urge to write about Friday night's housewarming has been lost, as have gigabytes(potentially) of data I collected at the party. I really enjoyed it. A few people did stay away, but I'm sure that was due to the ill weather - the unwelcome rain put a damper on things. Chatted with a few people I hadn't seen for a while, and also some I hadn't seen before at all. Caught up with Emma Morrison - a friend of Michelle's from way back, and sister-in-law of Michelle's matron-of-honour. Also had a good chat with David (I don't know his last name - isn't that bad?), boyfriend of Charlotte Reynolds, (who, incidently, is the daughter of Peter Reynolds(see post below)). David is from the Solomon Islands, and is studying at Auckland University. A top bloke, who is studying business law, (and marketing too I think). He has a real vision to take his skills back to the Solomon's and use them there. He was telling me that the Solomon Islands have a wealth of natural resources, and could be a very rich nation, but for the fac that they don't have the business skills or initiative, and have spent a considerable amount of time fighting amongst themsleves lately.
Sapporo beer is very cool. Although I haven't found them on the Sapporo site, they come in the coolest cans ever - shiny silver with curves, and are 650mls in volume. Nothing at all distinctive - a very unassuming flavour - yet really tasty and very drinkable. I have one left in the fridge.

I have to go to a lecture now.... you all enjoy the rest of your day.