Dan’s Online Diary 

# 1.4.03 by Dan
intelligent eyes
deft hands shuffling phone cards
bum on stool borrowed from Mister Minit
at payphone sits
perhaps one still holds some value?
to be sold? or used for oneself?
but who can he call? - who still cares?
furtive glance, catches me - new shoelaces in hand.
embarrassed but why?
my cellphone calls are free
but i keep walking onto and up
the escalator takes me away.

intelligent eyes
scanning this morning's paper
bum comfortable on plastic bench
sun off the harbour warming
a friendly newsagent?
or a couple of dollars left?
what information of desire? what news can cheer?
unwashed body, odour catches me - showered just an hour ago.
guilty but why?
surplus to pay off mortgage quicker
but I keep walking into and up
the elevator takes me away.

intelligent eyes
locked onto the hat
bum on concrete step
dolcet tones in mind, clarinet between lips
once played with pride?
but who listens now?
whos heart is lifted? what audience smiles?
memories of sweet melodies, catch my ear - head full of Goldie.
saddened but why?
$30 album from Sounds
but i keep walking along and up
Queen Street to Wendy's