Dan’s Online Diary 

# 4.4.03 by Dan
Our humblest apologies are extended to the indignant but forgiving Richard D. Bartlett, for the most defamous statement expressed by this committee, in haste, with regard to the tableness of the aforementioned Mr. Bartlett's blog code. Upon examination, we formally retract our statement of ignorance, for indeed all traces of tables have been duly eradicated from Mr Bartlett's HTML code.
However, it is to be noted that Mr Bartlett's most recently deployed project, found here, is riddled with tableness. His avid and remarkably enthusiastic implementation of CSS is to be commended however, and the members of the 'Table Eradication' select committee, meeting here at the inaugral assembly of the Council of More Proper Web Implementation, would like to extend to Mr Bartlett the offer of indemnity against further action, provided he continues to do pretty much whatever he wants.
It should be recognised that the prompt and thorough cooperation of Mr Bartlett in dealing with this matter would indeed be of great benefit, not only to us here at the Council of More Proper Web Implementation, but also to just about anybody else who has bothered to read this far.

Time to stop this and do something else