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# 30.4.03 by Dan
Possum Bourne, an icon of New Zealand motorsport, died this morning. Head injuries sustained during a course inspection drive were of such a severity that intensive care staff could not do anything to, and his life-support was turned off yesterday. He remained in an induced coma until 01:00am this morning, when he passed away. I think that this tragedy hits some New Zealanders harder than the death of Princess Diana. Possum was a truly nice guy, and did a lot of good work for NZ motorsport, collecting many rally championship titles, etc.

Michelle is out teaching a Girls Brigade class how to fold napkins properly. Random, but true.

Isn't it funny how social drinking is potentially anti-social? - especially in NZ culture.

On the topic of motorsport - I've been driving too hard and too fast lately - gotta check myself.