Dan’s Online Diary 

# 1.4.03 by Dan
random mistake posting. But i guess since i can edit it, i might as well say something useful.

Homeless people.
They don't have to be homeless. I would say that the majority of them have chosen to be homeless. I want to know why. I need to talk to them, maybe buy some of their old phone cards to give to other homeless people to sell. Yet, i guess giving them money won't help - it will only serve to feed their physical addicitons and will reinforce their welfare-seeking attitude. We need to get creative, and even in this, we will show we truly care.

The war.
Even this evening, I have been berated by a number of my friends for my anti-war vocalising. I'm not anti-war, as much as I am anti-this-war. I believe that there is indeed a time and place to take up arms, but that that time is not now. You'd have to search through my archives for my 'Big Theory', an all encompassing, yet rather thin, imagining of mine, that I am prone to inflict on others if they show even the slightest interest. Maybe I'll even find it for you - here it is. I have refined it slightly since last published, so I might have to re-hash it, and subject you all to it yet again.