Dan’s Online Diary 

# 19.4.03 by Dan
Some more interesting searches that have found my blog:

- this search was for 'how to get rid "sunburn tan lines"' - and my blog was the only result!!!
- this one and this one are more punters looking for the love letter from 'A Knight's Tale'.
And you know whats funny, as long as I keep posting information on searches that have found this blog(as above) - other people who perform those same or similar searches will only be more likely to be sent here! cool, huh?

Went to Rotorua yesterday for a family get-together on the 10th anniversary of my grandmother's passing. It was the usual good time had by all, with lots of BBQ'd meat, old music(from Led Zepplin, to the Boomtown Rats, to Steve Miller Band etc) and long phone calls to those who were unable to make it. I do feel a bit sorry for Michelle, she's a bit too quiet to fit in comfortably with us loud lot with our warped senses of humour.

Kangaroo Jack looks like a stupid movie.