Dan’s Online Diary 

# 8.4.03 by Dan
Stop-starting through the cancerous pea-souper, crawling along the motorway, away from the city - I began to think, of all things, of love. Perhaps being touched by the beauty of God's sun touching His creation, I move on to consider the plight of man, made in His image, who knows? But back to love. I had a bit of a think, and came to the conclusion that it is possible only to speak a greeting to a stranger, or briefer still, to but gaze their way for a few seconds, and experience enough of their person, catch a sufficient glimpse of their self to be able to connect with them (albeit initially a half-duplex connection) in such a way as to truly love them. I do not doubt this. And the more this thought seeps through my conciousness, the more I see the need to develop those brief connections - establishing a high-bandwidth, full-duplex connection, by which our data might be shared, sending and receiving information of encouragement, of joy, of sorrow, of peace, of strife, of warm sunny days in the company of friends, of whiling away wet winters alone, of genesis, of birth and of death, of everlasting life, ..... of love.
And so as the life-swelling data is shared, the network expands; new connections are made, existing connections are widened, broken connections re-established.
....and the sudden bright red glow alerts me to the fact that without the immediate intervention of my right foot, my blue bumper will form an undesirable connection with the white bumper in front......