Dan’s Online Diary 

# 4.4.03 by Dan
Yes, you have come to the right place.

Have just completed a brand new look for the blog. Not as cluttered as the old one. Hope its a bit brighter and easier to read. It was inspired by tom chi's site, although it has come out looking nothing like it, which is probably a really good thing.
Sorry for all of you who missed the drag-and-droppable 'The Cheat'. He's gone already. He may be reincarnated at some stage, as may be my gallery of images (yes, the two pictures down the right hand side were a 'gallery')
Hope you enjoy it - some feedback would be nice.

I managed to do what his royal chudliness was unable to do, in that I managed to do away with tables altogether (if you view the source of this page, you can find two instances of the <table> tag in the code, but they are the automagic ones added by blogger to display the ad banner (which I have vanisheded)(shhhh)). CSS is great. In addition (or rather, subtraction) to there being no tables, there are also no <font> tags, nor are there any <p> tags. I have specified all properties and their attributes as CSS, but have not made the code XHTML validatable - there are a few unclosed single tags in there somewhere (ie: <img src="..." / >) - maybe another day.

Well, since it is after 3am in the morning, and I am getting up for work in two and a half hours, I feel a little sleep could be quite handy.
May the Lord bless you all richly. Goodnight.