Dan’s Online Diary 

# 9.5.03 by Dan
autumn sunrise. red horizon. towering orange east.
pink fingers fluff out across the shallowing blue.
rustling absent. stillness the supreme.
brief shiver from cool air surprise.
but tranquility subsides.
blinking red. murmur swells.
engine warms. joining the ingress.
peace now an echo. stopping and starting.
tires over cats-eyes. rippling. bike buzzes wing-mirror.
bustle becomes norm. fast lane crawls. sleepy passengers.
time wastes. destination realised. short walk. lift carries.
to desk. computer boots. tranquility hits. herbal tea.
from window strong pale sun. blue now built.
harbour as glass. white wisps reaching.
you've got mail. day's chapter two.

This fragmentation experimentation was brought to you by the letter '.' and the concept 'no capitals'.