Dan’s Online Diary 

# 29.5.03 by Dan
Call me weird, but I really like getting into work early. This morning I got in at 0630. I was kinda half forgetting the fact that I have to work late tonight, so today could possibly turn out to be a fifteen hour day.
This morning's sunrise has begun - just a blood red glow on the eastern horizon. Clear sky and still harbour promise a most pleasant autumn morn. (that reads like a newspaper headline, doesn't it?).

An exciting project has been bestowed upon me. I am to develop a site builder/content management tool for the creation and maintenance of Lotus Domino websites. Commencement of this task has been the main catalyst in my increased desire to get to work early - I can get stuck into it without any interruptions. Which is kinda ironic if you think that in actual fact I'm just sitting here writing in my blog.(but is it really ironic? or is it paradoxical? or antithetical? - I don't know)

must work now.