Dan’s Online Diary 

# 12.5.03 by Dan
I haven't said anything since Friday. But alas, the weekend consisted mostly of trivial inconsequencial events of little-to-no blogworthiness.

Friday evening I can't remember - oh, thats right - Michelle was out with her friends, so Muffy and I went for an aimless drive in the Alfa. We drove for 200+kms, and had a jolly good old chat - something we haven't done for a while. Good times.

Saturday found me sleeping in until 1030. Woke up and took the Alfa to get the wheels aligned, which took longer than anticipated due to complications. (read the report.) Stopped by a friend's house on the way home - I haven't seen much of him lately. We were really good friends through tech together - he was my best man, and I his - but since we both got married, and both started working full time, we hardly see much of each other at all, which is a shame, really. But I guess it does make catching up a most enjoyable time.
All this work on the car and visiting friends was, however, merely me postponing the most important task of the day, that being the completion of the second assigment for the paper I am taking this semester. This assignent relies heavily on the use of MATLAB, which I do not have on my PC at home. So after visiting Pete, I went into tech with some other guys and we worked on our assignment together. Managed to get a couple of hours done, but had to dash away to a music team practice for Sunday morning worship. After the practice, I ....

This post is really going nowhere, and is simply a chronological sequence of events with no ultimate point. The gist of it is I went back to tech, ate pizza, did more work before security had to lock the place up (2130), went home and chatted with the dozen or so people who were at my house eating food, stayed up late and then went to bed. There - dealt to it all in one sentence.

Sunday was Mother's Day, a day fast losing its appeal due to the fact that it causes a degree of confusion in 'families' with same-sex parents. Mother's Day discriminates against 'families' where neither parent is the mother. As you can see bymy use of quotes, I would argue the fact that two men or women living together with children can be called a 'family', and I maintain that they should not be treated as such. But alas our 'modern, forward-thinking' government does not share my sentiments, and legislation is fast moving towards giving same sex relationships the same standing as a man and woman living in married relationship. Or rather, they are reducing the importance of a married man and wife to the point where they have no more rights than a de-facto relationship, be it same-sex or otherwise.
In fact the amount of legislation being bandied about at the moment is quite scary - how long will it be before I need to be careful not to breath in a politically incorrect manner, or face becoming a criminal?
They've passed legislation against 'boy racers' - creating outlaws of a significant number of young, impressionable males(and females - girl racers).
Justice and Defense - those are the government's primary tasks. But most money spent is on welfare. Our police force is struggling - we had to borrow 76 officers from the UK - and they're looking at offerring police officers a cash incentive to work in Auckland, since they are so understaffed up here. And defense? - our army has been stripped down to a few SAS soldiers and some peacekeepers. We have no serious air-defence of any means of defending our coastline. A 3-year-old with a toothpick could take us over.
Ah well, these are trying times, but I guess on the up side, the further we slide, the closer we come to revival, and/or the return of the King.

Enough ranting - I best go do something useful now - you all have a good day