Dan’s Online Diary 

# 28.5.03 by Dan
I wrote my last blog entry very early on Sunday morning. Michelle had taken some time out to think about a few things over the weekend, due to certain goings-on over the last 6 months or so. Upon her return on Sunday afternoon, she announced that she would be leaving me - something that I had half-expected, but now it was real and inevitable.
There is some indication that this separation may be temporary, so please pray for Michelle, and for myself, that He will uphold us, and triumph in this struggle against satan, who delights in the downfall of Christian marriages.

I had come into work early today, just to see the sun rise, but even now, heavy fog is rolling in from the north-west, obscuring the other side of the harbour and blocking out any sign of a sunrise. Seems rather fitting I guess.

Sorry to bring this solemn news. I hope even my next post might bear joyous news..... but we shall see...