Dan’s Online Diary 

# 1.5.03 by Dan
Last night I had the strangest dream - I sailed away to China, in a little rowboat to findya, you said you had to get your laundry clean...
.....but seriously, maybe it was the cheese, but I had three really unusual dreams last night:

Dream One:
<some other stuff I can't remember and then...> ...I was riding, in what was most probably a bus, up a river with very clear water and a clean rounded-rocky type bed (it was very peaceful and the scenery was especially delightful). Went over a few bridges(yes, over, not under - its a dream, okay?) and came to a place in a forest where there were the ruins of an old monastry/cathedral complex thingy. We disembarked, and were standing around when I glanced over at Michelle. Her face was suddenly transfixed with a look of incredible horror and disbelief (it was really scary) as her attention became focused on something just behind me. I turned to look over my shoulder, and saw a ghostly figure darting off through the trees. She said to me something like "I just saw the ghost of Jesus Christ". I was gripped by an eerie chill. That should have been scary enough to make us get back on the bus, but for some reason, most probably because it was a dream and not reality, we had to go exploring in the ruins. I was proceeding down some rough-hewn steps to sub-basement level when I saw the ghost with my own eyes. The ghost looked almost identical to this, only more white and glowingish. It floated around with unimaginable speed - legs not moving, just hovering above the ground - and then rushed straight at me.
I was totally scared out of my wits and awoke with a start, sitting bolt-upright in bed - my heart beating at ninety-to-the-dozen. I eventually dozed off, only to begin ...

...Dream Two:
Possibly due to the fact I was still freaked out by my first dream, I found myself (after some forgotten pre-amble) haring along a narrowish road through a forest in my car (1990 Nissan Skyline). I was wearing a nylon parker/anorak type thing with the hood over my head. Whenever I turned my head whilst cornering etc, the hood would come around and partially obscure my vision. Why I didn't take the hood down, I don't know. Why I didn't just slow down, I don't know either. But due to my excessive speed, and due to the hinderance of the hood, I was having great difficulty staying on the road. For those of you who have been in a car accident, you will know the feeling of terror and out-of-controlness you get split seconds before you crash - I could feel this feeling. Although I don't think I actually hit anything, I do remember losing traction on a number of occasions, often getting the back end of the car off the seal onto the shoulder, hearing the gravel clattering against the insides of the mudguards. This crazy ride went on until I can't remember.

Dream Three:
The account of this dream is much shorter. I was looking through my Systems and Control exercise book(where my notes are noted) - doing some study. Gemma from church just happened to be there, and she glanced over my shoulder at what I was studying. Systems and Control consists of some very serious maths, including a number of concepts I am yet to grasp fully. Gemma, after looking for a short moment, said something like "Oh, I know all this stuff" and began reciting a number of relevant theories and equations, all this to my incredulous amazement. In reality, I'm sure Gemma would not understand

So you can see I had a rather eventful night's sleep.
As weird as those three dreams are, what is more disconcerting is the fact that I hardly ever dream (or at least I never remember dreaming, or the events within my dreams, if in fact I do dream but am simply not aware of it), so three dreams in one night its very much breaking the record.
And do these dreams actually mean anything? - please feel free to offer interpretations.

Hmm - I might just go for a short stroll to secure some Sushi.

Hope you are all having(or 'have all had', as the case may be for some of you) a great day.