Dan’s Online Diary 

# 25.5.03 by Dan
Its 02:14 on Sunday. I'm sitting at my desk at work. I just got paged to say that one of the servers (I'm on call this week) was down. So at home I dial up to work and no, I can't see the server. So, I come in here and everything looks fine. Don't you hate that?

I don't want to go home now - I feel like I should make the 20 minute trip into town worthwhile. So, blogging it is.

Our building is right on the waterfront.
I can hear the cheer.
from those near,
drinking beer.
But I sneer,
since I am here
without fear;
but a tear
it does smear
as I peer
beyond the pier
looking there
far and near,
ah, but yet upon this sphere,
not all is yet clear
and while I am sincere
the truth it doth veer
my heart it doth shear
and the doubt here
shall rear
but beyond this ill year
watch it all disappear
for Him we revere
shall again reappear
light bright, sharp and clear
then I, without fear
shall to Him draw near
no earthly veneer
upon me shall adhere
For Himself volunteer
did he to make dear
by coming down here
lending ear
to the jeer.
our cold hearts He did sear
banishing fear
of sin, death - they're not here.
so it all becomes clear.
now we must persevere
as many a year
we've yet here
but rest now, prepare
again, without fear
without tear
He is near,
even here
no fear
my dear

Ahh.... look at that... a poem. (I guess you can call it a poem). A worthwhile trip into town, verily and forsooth.