Dan’s Online Diary 

# 5.5.03 by Dan
Looks like I'm buying an Alfa.
Went to inspect a 1987 Alfa Romeo 33 1.7 QV on Saturday morning. A little rough around the edges but complete and no major issues. An inspection performed by the lovely people at Car Inspection Services this morning really only picked up the things I was already aware of. A few spots of rust around the rear hatch - some DIY bodywork repair (could do with a pair of new front guards and a new bonnet) - a little play in the rear control arm bushes and in the rear wheel bearings - some minor interior faults - reverse lights out, et cetera. But he'll take $1500 for it, and it has new rego and a near new Pioneer head unit. So I think tonight it shall be mine.

Herbal tea. It has been my coffee substitute, of late. Its good stuff

Be prepared for a lot of Alfa-related ramblings, should my purchase be successful.