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# 30.5.03 by Dan
'nother early morning. Kinda dumb really, cos I was at work for 15 hours yesterday. Oh well - but it really is nice to beat the traffic.

Is it always good to wisely prioritise? But then, what is 'wise'?
This weekend, a number of my friends are going for an overnight tramp up to The Pinnacles(Coromandel Ranges, New Zealand). I have been invited, and tramping is something I've always wanted to do, but 'other things' have always come up. Now, this weekend it would be great for me to get away from 'it' all, and go tramping. But, I have a project due Monday week, and I would kinda be leaving the praise team in the lurch on Sunday morning (there are other who could do it, its not a big problem, but still). If i were to prioritise in the 'traditional' sense of the word, I would forego tramping and give the more mundane/routine responsibilities a higher priority. That would be considered by many to be the wise, sensible thing to do.
But is it really?
Would it be more wise to give R&R a higher priority? Yes, I hear some of you say - you'll be better able to perform the mundane/routine having had a bit of a break. Well, this appeals to me too. But on the other hand(the third one), is it not better to place the needs of others before your own?

I dunno. I'm tired.