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# 13.6.03 by Dan
[Artificial Intelligence]
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come to the forefront over the past few years, with movies like 'The Matrix'(and its sequel 'The Matrix : Reloaded'), and of course, AI. AI is an ever-present concept and technology in most sci-fi stories. But, I think the thing we have to realise is that even by its own definition, AI is not real intelligence at all. Machines can only do the things the are programmed to do. But then AI takes programming one step further, whereby machines can collect and manipulate data beyond that which has been explicitly defined. But even still, machines can only learn and adapt as they have been programmed to. Hence their intelligence is merely artifical - a virtual intelligence - an appearance of intelligence, and bounded entirely by the developer's specification.
Given the above - I don't think it is possible that a Matrixesque scenario could eventuate, for as with genetic life, AI stuff can work only with the information it already has inherant in it's code, and hence cannot evolve.
Just a thought prompted by mhjb's link to an article reporting that 'The Matrix : Reloaded" had been banned in Egypt for its religious overtones.

Had dinner at Hamish & Anita's last night. BBQ chicken - and potato. Good yummy stuff.
I must admit, there is no excuse why we don't share meals more often. This is like the second time I've ever had dinner with Hamish and Anita and we've seriously had plenty more opportunities, but it just one of those things that everyone really wants to do, and everyone really enjoys doing it, but it just never seems to happen. Perhaps we need to change that. There are plenty of people we could invite around for dinner.
fellowship + food = good times.
Played The Sims on PS2. I reckon its much more better than the PC version.

I know it has its own blog (I'm trying hard not to call it 'her'/'she'), but I just thought I'd make a more personal (as opposed to technical) comment about it. Despite the fact that it is incredibly thirsty, I really like the Alfa. Nice to drive, and... and... it handles well, and it corners well, and.. its nice to drive. Its kinda ugly, but that means it has more character. The heater doesn't work, but that only makes it cooler. Its black, so I can pretend to be sneaky at night, but the engine is clattery, so I don't need to use the horn, which doesn't work much anyway. So all in all its all good, y'all.

Some of you may have been astute enough to notice that there have been [Headings] both yesterday and today. I think these are good, in that you don't have to sift through all the stuff you're not interested in to get to the really good stuff. Also makes the layout look more better.
So thats it from me on headings. Over to <someone else (probably me again)> for the weather...

We've had crystal clear weather here in Auckland for days - not a cloud in the sky. This, combined with the fact that I've been getting to work at about 0645, has been conducive to the viewing of spectacular sunrises. Even as I speak type the sun is just peeking up over the end of North Head. How can anyone have a single doubt in their mind that there is no intelligent creator when there is a simply gigantic nuclear explosion just far enough away that we don't roast, and close enough that we don't freeze to death - but that it looks simply awesome, and just the way the atmosphere filters it makes it turn everything its light touches into something beautiful.

Well... best start my work day. lay-ihz.