Dan’s Online Diary 

# 20.6.03 by Dan
Well, here I am in Christchurch - it really is a lovely city. This is the first non-Auckland post in my blog. Verily - a milestone. Since I came straight from the airport ot the office, I haven't got much to report, but we'll provide you with more details as they come to hand.

I am gutted - it is going to cost US$105 simply for shipping, for a US$25 hoodie. I had to check that I'd only ordered one, and not a whole container load of them. So - its been called off - no Blogger hoodie. Argh.... such bitter disappointment.

As I have previously lamented, I need to post more links. And in a similar vein, I have received record hits from people searching for 'I will never, ever, ever write a song about sibbie'. And still plenty of 'Hey Steve' hits. Homestarrunner makes my site look popular - I like it.

Must away - 'ere end of day.