Dan’s Online Diary 

# 17.6.03 by Dan
All I seem to talk about is dinner, it seems. Mark Tasker cooked up some mighty tasty butter chicken tonight. Followed by chocolate pudding..... Mmmm. Discussion revolved around cars (considerable focus on Alfas(me) and Subarus(Mark and Malcolm), motorbikes and Japanese warships. Also discovered that a blank video (ie: one that has never had anything recorded on it) will not pick up the counter, and will, of course, not track properly. I should have expected this, but I'd never played a completely blank video tape before.

I'm flying down to Christchurch on Friday afternoon to upgrade a Lotus Notes server in our Christchurch office on Saturday. Hopefully I will have all the preparation done on Friday and it will all go ultra smooth on Saturday morning, so that I can fly back up in time for STEPS at 19:00. Which is at my place, so I kinda need to be there. Although I could give a key to Muffy and he could run the show. Or Corina. Or anyone, really. I'd like to have some time, maybe on friday night, to catch up with some people there - Nato, and maybe Kris and Louise.

I really couldn't think of another heading, so thought I'd just make up a miscellaneous heading that I could just ramble on a bit under. not that I've not got much to say. I did have a revelation today at lunch time, and I remember thinking - "I must blog that...' - but it has slipped my mind..... and i think it was something good too. Maybe I'll go home and go to bed. And the headache is still with me today - although it did move to the other side of my head just after midday.