Dan’s Online Diary 

# 16.6.03 by Dan
I know - I'm a g33k - I bought one of these. Online. Possibly my first online purchase.
Actually, it is my second. I bought a workshop manual for my old Datsun 1200 online - once upon a time. I need new clothes - so its all good, really. I was going to buy a The Cheat hoodie, from the store at homestarrunner.com too, but they only have Super Extra Large, so I'll have to wait until they get new stock in September.

Possibly in line with my comment a few posts ago about killing people, I have recently been playing a bit more counter-strike. Its a multiplayer game, but can provide hours of solo entertainment if you use 'bots' - computer controlled players in a mulitplayer game. I'm getting more better, and am looking forward to the next time we can have a good bit of a LAN game again.

What do you do with a headache that won't go away? It has been tormenting me for 5 days now. Nurofen+ kinda helps temporarily, but it never quite seems to go away completely.

[Electricity Savings]
Much to my chagrin, I just discovered that I have have probably cancelled out the 10% saving we were all encouraged to reach on our power bill, by leaving the iron on for a few hours. Most upset. And I never even got started on the shirt I was going to iron. I am bad.

Remind me to write more poems.