Dan’s Online Diary 

# 14.6.03 by Dan
STEPS is a young adults study group that meets each Saturday evening. STEPS is an acronym, but I think everyone has forgotten what it actually stands for. Tonight we had a progressive dinner - food and fellowship work so well together. Had a really great time - discussing all sorts of things, blogging being one of them. Was able to share a request for prayer for Michelle, and for our marriage. It was good to pray as a group, and its good to know that others will continue to pray, even when myself and/or Michelle are unable/reluctant to, for whatever reasons.
A big thank you to everyone who has/is/will supported myself and Michelle at this time - we really do appreciate it. Really truly and deeply.

At STEPS, a couple of us fell into a discussion examining the fact that too many people don't think enough. We lamented the sad reality that far too many people willingly believe what they are told by others without first processing and evaluating the data for themselves. I think that as Christians, we should constantly be thinking, about our current actions, about the actions of others, about everything. Ignorance is not an excuse, nor is "Well, told me this so it must be true."
Our brains aren't just for keeping the inside of our heads from echoing. We need to be constantly evaluating, comparing, recalling, formulating, discarding, testing, creating, proving, improving the data that we receive, and transmit. We can't just be 'carriers' - be must be 'effectors'. We must make our own sound.

[For Anita]
Sorry - I was going to mention the chicken, and actually thought I had, but upon review of my post, it appears that the method by which the chicken was carved is not to be found at all.
Sorry about that.

Well, must complete the church newsletter for tomorrow - you all have a great Sabbath.