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# 12.6.03 by Dan
Lately I've been drinking this tea - its called something like 'Rooibos' Red Bush Vanilla tea - I love vanilla and this tea is just great.
I recommend you try it.

Had dinner at Pete and Jo's last night. Pete cooked up some Thai green curry chicken - it was top stuff. And he shared the secret of how to cook rice the most bestest way. You put the rice in the pot and fill it up so that the water comes up only about ten millimetres or so above the level of the rice. You then bring it to the boil, put the lid on turn off the heat and leave it. No drainage required, and no stickiness. I must try it one day. (maybe thats how everyone cooks rice? everyone except me...)

[Killing People]
We watched 'The Bourne Identity' after dinner, and had to pause it part way through to have a brief discussion. Both Pete and I commented that it would be very cool to be a Black Ops operative or a secret agent or the like. But I've felt bad about it, and I'd always written the idea off simply due to the fact that such a job would involve killing people. But then Pete brought up the fact that it isn't actually wrong to kill people. Where in the Bible does it actually say it is wrong to kill people? It is most certainly wrong to murder people, as we read in the ten commandments. But if we look at the definition of murder in the dictionary, it is defined as being unlawful, malicious, inhumane. But if you were employed by your government to dispose of certain targets, the act would no longer be unlawful, nor would it be carried out with malice, as more likely than not, you would have no personal connection with the target. Nor would it be essentially inhumane, for elimination of the target might indeed mean life or liberation or safety for many others. Going to war is not unbiblical, therefore it is not wrong to be a soldier, and the large part of being a soldier is the elimination of the opposition, ie: killing people.
So, does that mean that in the employment of a government(ie: legally), and for a biblically sound cause, it is not wrong to kill people?

But really, I can't imagine that there are any boys(and maybe some girls) out there who haven't(even secretly) thought - "Man it would be cool to be able to do all the cool gadgety, sneaky, knife-fighty, snipery, international-travelly, cool-black-kevlar-outfity, high-velocity-precision-weaponry, car-chasey stuff that special ops people do." I know I've thought that before. I'm thinking that right now in fact.

[Token Song Lyrics]
cautioners - jimmy eat world

the time i would spend with pictures i would not send
i watched you go from left to right
i followed you all night across my blinds

you'll change you mind come monday and turn your back on me
you take your steps away with hesitance
you take your steps away from me

i'm making my peace
making it with distance
maybe thats a big mistake
you know i'm thinking of you
i miss you

you'll change you mind come monday and turn your back on me
you take your steps away with hesitance
you take your steps away from me