Dan’s Online Diary 

# 9.6.03 by Dan
Well, I finished that project today, after 8 hours straight in the lab - no lunch - nothing but a brief pause to scoff a ginger cookie and a Coke. Didn't go to work today, obviously. I only asked my boss yesterday if i could take today off, so I feela bit bad - like i was wagging or something.

My good friend Sam, who I haven't seen too much of lately, came along and visited our church yesterday morning. We hung out for the rest of the day, doing quasi-blokey stuff, like eating Burger King, talking about cars and watching Blackadder episodes on DVD.
What made it even more cooler, was when some of Sam's mates rung up and said something like 'We're going to the Buddhist Temple to ride a motorbike'. So we did that. If only us Christians could build a church as cool as a buddhist temple. Its still under construction, so you can walk around on the site without too much trouble (except its all sticky yellow clay underfoot). It has a monster bell tower, with a monster bell. Even if you punch it with extreme awesome force, it hardly rings. So they have this big swinging log thing. But we thought it best not to try that just in case we got busted.
Theres like a subdivison right there where the temple is, and thats where the bike got ridden. I was the official time keeper as I was still wearing church clothes and despite my great envy at the joy of those who were riding, the desire to keep myself clean won over, and I was able to co-rejoice with the racers from the finish line. Mark pulled the best times, with Sam close on his heels.

After watching Survivor through tired bored eyes, I was going to go into the city for some exciting thing at a place, but I didn't know what it was or where it was or exactly when it was, and I couldn't get hold of anyone who I knew was there, so I turned for home and got call from Michelle, who thought it would be cool to go for coffee and desert. So we went to Cafe Jazz in Remuera - on a scale of one to awesome - it was super great! Talked about us mostly - constructive, but not conclusive, if you get what I mean. It was really good to spend that sort of time with her.

I'm a little more happierer. Not over-joyed yet. But working on it.

I'm going to go 'x' right now, so - as pommie people would say - 'lay-ihz'