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# 29.8.03 by Dan
[Garth George...]
... on the failure of socialism, and other human-nature-ignorant utopian pipedreams.
He's the man.

[Counting the Kilojoules]
I have been counting my daily energy intake, as of Wednesday.
Apparently, based on my age, weight and height, if I pretty much sit around and do nothing, I'll burn around 9600kj daily. So my intake needs to be less than that in order that I lose some weight. The figure of 9600kj still seems pretty high, so I'm going to try for quite a bit less than that and see how things go.
Wednesday, my intake was 6360kj, Thursday - 5232kj, and today I have consumed 3427kj so far.

I currently weigh 93kg, which, for my height, gives me a Body Mass Index of 27.5. Apparently 20-25 is normal.
My ideal weight for my height should be 74-82kgs.
My goal is to lose 10kg by the end of the year without going out of my way to exercise anymore than I already am. That way, any exercise that I do perform out of the ordinary will be a bonus.

DietClub.com.au is a very handy resource, with calculators, recipes and an extensive database containing the nutrional data of most food products(its Australian, so some of the food brands are not familiar, but there is and 'Average - All brands' category for most food types).

Get healthy with it.