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# 13.8.03 by Dan
[MSN Messenger]
'They' blocked MSN Messenger traffic at the proxy server, meaning we can no longer use it here at work.
Despite the fact that we're not supposed to be using it at work (I have managed to abstain for the last week or so, anyway), many people do use it.
I seriously think they should have sent an email out informing users that it was going to be blocked. But no, the boss said the users can just deal with it.
Parking wardens give you tickets for parking where you shouldn't park, don't they?
Oh well. If he wants the rest of the firm to think we're a bunch of non-communicative facists, then so be it.

... aren't working. Again.

mjhb is in Auckland for a few days. Grouse, bro. I'm good Thursday night if you're keen for a feed and a yarn and stuff.
Wellington reprazent.

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...the word of the day, on the 'Links' bar. Today's is 'skulk'. Sounds like 'The Cheat', to me.