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# 8.8.03 by Dan
[This Week in Review... kinda]
I haven't actually said much lately, have I? - despite all the words.
Upon reflection, I probably tend to agree with matt, in that it is unhelpful to hide behind labels (ie: calvinism, arminianism etc) and argue(if that is what you are saying, bro). It is, of course, more productive to drop labels, and simply(sic) seek to share, speak and live our lives in such a fashion as the truth of our omnipotent God is blatantly obivous. In saying this, I am by not means retracting anything I have said, nor do I see the matter of any less importance, but getting 'tribal' about it is no help at all.
I believe, nonetheless, it is helpful to continue to discuss issues such as these with our brethren, for the growth and informing of others, and for our own desire to deepen our understanding of Scripture. But at the same time, it is unhelpful to be seen by those outside the church as a bunch squabbling hypocrites who can't seem to make up their minds(which is what the greater church is, to some extent). Whether that means this kind of discussion should be removed from the public forum, I don't know, but I must say that I, for one, should probably be more gracious in future (since God's grace is primarily what we are talking about here).

[Crazy Times]
Garth George is a Christian columnist, who is published in the NZ Herald, surprisingly. You really must read this. This is good, too.

[The Om Factor]
I have just discovered the Om Factor, but before I tell you about it, here is a little piece of co-text...
When I was just a kid, I always wanted to be an architect. I was one of those maths-and-sciences geeks, but I'd also discovered that I had a creative artyish edge. These two traits aren't necessarily mutually exclusive, but you do tend to go down one path or the other.
Architecture, however, is perhaps one of the few professions where you have the opportunity to exploit both traits in fairly equal measure, so architecture was what I became set on.
But anyway, having an degree of colourblindness, and simply idling through school - passing by the skin of my teeth - pretty well stifled my chances of getting into Architecture school. So now I'm a computer geek.
Anyway, having dispensed with the history, I shall continue.
I've always thought, 'I sometimes wish that the finished development would actually look like the little models that architects build before they get started'. I've always found the smooth white blocks, clean clean streets, soft, even nonexistant colour and lack of detailing to be most appealing. The Om Factor comes close, with modesty being its focus. I can see a little of the Om Factor in the building in which I work - PwC Tower.

[The Jono's not dead...]
I'm over the moon - Jono blogs again. Check out his choices.

If The Cheat can't speak English, who does he get to do the atrotious renditions of the voices for his Flash animations?

Ah well, I best get to work.... hope you all have a great weekend (if I don't post again today).
God Bless.