Dan’s Online Diary 

# 27.8.03 by Dan
[Un-Microsoft stuff]
Downloaded and installed Mozilla Firebird today. Its much more better than IE.
Its faster, simpler, and it has less crap.
Pretty much like most other un-microsoft stuff.
Microsoft is a bit like the current Labour government. No one knows quite how they got to where they are. Everything else is smaller and faster. They are both buggy and crash your system. Rah rah rah....

[The Italian Job]
I are prolly going to see The Italian Job tonight.
Thats the new one.
Not the old one.
We watched the old one on video the other night. Its grouse. The ending is fully wide open for a sequel, but there just wasn't one. Ripped off, huh?
Well, we'll see what this new-fangled job is like, and I'll letchaz all know if its worth seeing - if you haven't seen it already, that is.

Have a grouse one, 'aight?