Dan’s Online Diary 

# 4.9.03 by Dan
I can't be bothered with a heading.

Having a heading means I kinda have to be a bit specific. I can't just ramble on aimlessly.
I'm feeling melancholic.
Or maybe fey.
Or maybe just weird.

I have this unusual feeling.
Kinda like I am invincible, but at the same time, powerless.
Like being the best looking person ever, but being invisible.
Like having all the money in the world, but being unable to decide on a single thing to buy.
Like some pent up energy without a means of release.
The grey skies don't help.

I went into Farmers - man, what a woman's world. They've redecorated/rearranged/reordered everything. You walk in the door and you're met with the sickening scent (and sight) of a thousand perfumes. You have to walk past each and every one of them to get to anything else in the store - theres no way around.
Only to be confronted with racks of cosmetics and shampoos and stuff that isn't soap. And then... ... only to be confonted by racks and racks of lingere.
I really don't want any of that crap.
I bought a father's day gift for dad - the reason I was there - and made a hasty exit.
To the fresh[sic] air of Queen St.

I keep looking out my window. Downtown house is ugly and I'm sure no proper female can risk a quick glance at the Royal & SunAlliance building without the automatic gut-instinctive thought/reaction - 'he's left the seat up again'.
I can see the Metropolis peeking out from behind the Tower tower. I like the building. Rather gothic - it could do with some gargoyles and maybe some big tesla coils.
Theres really nothing of character from the 70's/80's - nothing worth not tearing down.
I do like the Dilworth Building, on the corner of Customs St and Queen. Its well weather-stained, but it would look wrong all sparkly and clean.
I'd really like to have a look through the old Guardian Trust building - it was gutted by fire a couple of months ago - it would be really fascinating.

I could spend hours here. In fact, I should put a proper link to it over on the left there.