Dan’s Online Diary 

# 1.9.03 by Dan
[Welcome Back Alisa!]
My sister Alisa has returned to NZ after two and a half years study in Germany. Yay!!!

Saturday night saw us celebrating the engagement of Corina and Martin.
A good time was had by most, if not all. The helium balloons were rad, and by the end of the evening, there weren't many left - their contents having provided us with a great deal of chipmunk-esqe vocal entertainment - at a small cost, however, upon discovery that my vocal cords weren't quiet up to scratch the next morning, when trying to lead worship. In all humility, our place is is an awesome party venue. Seriously.
To quote Richard D. Bartlett - "We win".

[Blogging-related Questions]
Should Christians discuss/debate doctrine etc in the public domain?
Should those of us that do discuss/debate doctrine etc via blogs cease to do so, and instead spend that time developing better personal relationships with our workmates/classmates/families/friends with the intention of sharing the gospel etc with them?