Dan’s Online Diary 

# 12.9.03 by Dan
[Whaddaya know?]
A new template for you.
Three guesses as to who inspired the color.

[Standards compliance]
I'm trying to make my code validate error-free, both the HTML and the CSS.
Still a few things though - the validator gives me warnings for '<br/ >'.
I thought that '<br/ >' was correct XHTML, but maybe the validator doesn't care - it prefers '<br>'.

CSS is the archetypical feline negligee.

[New Nude World Altitude Extreme Ironing Record]
Check it out...

[The Bitter End]
This morning, in a brief - yet intense - flash of revelatory insight, I suddenly obtained the knowledge of the origin of the saying - '...to the bitter end.'
The saying comes, of course, from eating carrots.
The foliage end of the carrot is more bitter and tougher than the rest of the carrot, so if you eat it pointy-end first, (as I have always done, and as most others do, per my observation) you have to keep going 'to the bitter end' if you want to finish the carrot.
From this day forth, I shall eat the thicker and more bitter end first so that I am then left with the sweeter end to finish with.

[Soup Of The Day]