Dan’s Online Diary 

# 29.10.03 by Dan
[The Curtain Guy]
I'm at home waiting for the curtain guy. Its weird being at home at 8:50 in the morning. Loverly day outside though.
Ah ha - he has arrived - albeit twenty minutes late. Never mind.

Bought a BBQ on Labour Day. Invited many others around to eat of its meat. A good time was had by most, if not all. I spent too much time in fruitless discussion. A lesson was learned, I do believe.

[Another Alfa]
Scotty has an Alfa. Yay!!
Its a '91 33 1.7ie series III. Nicer than mine - the facelifted model.
Congrats, Scotty.
If anyone else wants to buy an Alfa, please feel free. They're not expensive, and are surprisingly common, hence easy to get parts for. You'd be looking at anywhere between $1500 - for a scruffy one, and $5500 for a really nice one.

[HTML Editors]
spoono.com are running a poll to determine which HTML editors most people use.
The options are 'Dreamweaver', 'Frontpage', 'Go Live', 'Notepad' and Pen and Paper. Its hardly surprising that Dreamweaver comes out on top, but it is interesting to note that more people use Notepad than Frontpage.