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# 24.11.03 by Dan
Well, well, well. I happened to glance unconsciously at the T.V. yesterday evening, and was suddenly struck squarely with a most enlightening revelation.
Advertising is all about getting people to buy stuff. It uses all sorts of clever, calculated, viciously underhanded ruses to arouse the desire of the deceived deponent. One of these methods of misguided manipulation is to show the viewer a random punter who is ridiculously happy with the product that is being advertised. Breakfast cereals, toothpaste, overseas trips, you name it - one of the most common utopian situations shown is that of the happy family, living together in sickening harmony, sharing the advertised product with intense joy.
The happy family you will nearly always see consists of - would you believe it? - father, mother and kid(s).
The incredibly intelligent advertising masterminds have, through comprehensive market research, determined that a family consisting of a father, mother and kid(s), is the most appealing to consumers.

So, why do we not see the happy single-parent family as touted by Steve Ma-hahaha-rey?
Why do we not see same-sex parents in advertisements for consumer products?
Maybe they just aren't everyone's idea of a happy family?

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