Dan’s Online Diary 

# 18.11.03 by Dan
This is probably one of the clearest and most simple, yet still rather useful CSS tutorials I have come across recently.

[Smith and Caugheys...]
...have the bestest most window displays. Their displays are so creative and eye-catching, that I often completely miss what they are trying to sell.

[The State...]
...is at it again...
...and again

[Gossipy Trash]
I was in the cafe waiting for my espresso this morning, and glanced at an old 'Womans Weekly" or something, and saw and 'article' on old Arnold Schwarzenegger, now governor of Californ-eye-ay.
It mentioned a number of his vices, including the fact that he had been unfaithful to his wife of 17 years on a number of occasions.
Tabloids and crappy magazines are full of stuff like this. They pass judgement on the rich and famous (or infamous) for their 'scandalous' and 'outrageous' acts.
What strikes me as ridiculous, is the fact that the rich and famous are just a sample group of the world's population. Therefore, there is just as much scandal and outrage in the lives of those who read (and those who write) this crap, as there is in the subjects/objects of these damning articles.

It comes down to this : making other people look worse than us makes us feel good.

But he problem here is the word 'feel'. A feeling never lasts. Making other people look bad, doesn't actually make us good, it only makes us feel good.
So, when that feeling fades, its off to the store for the next issue, where we can feast on the misfortunes of others until our appetites are again satisfied, if but for a time.