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# 10.11.03 by Dan
[Reply to my letter re: Religious Tolerance]
Just this afternoon I received a reply to the email I sent in response to Tapu Misa's NZ Herald column (see Wed 5th Nov).
The reply reads as follows:
Hi, thanks for your letter. Cheers, TM
Very concise.
Oh well, as the song goes, 'What more can a poor boy do?'

[Genetically Modificated Crops]
Read this.
This is what NZ is in for, whether you like it or not.
It is plain and simple stupidity. Farmers wanting to remain non-GM face a lose-lose situation and it is wrong.

Patented GM seeds are going to cost farmers millions, whether farmers choose to sow them or not, and to cover their costs, they are going to have to sell their products for more, driving up the cost of base food products such as flour and corn. Of course this will also affect the food grown as animal feed, driving up the coast of meat, eggs and milk.

So its pretty much GM or die.

[Pirates of the Carribean]
I thought this was an excellent movie.
I was intrigued by the curse that the pirates were under - while Cortez's gold medalions remained scattered, those responsible for their theft (namely the pirates of the ship, The Black Pearl) would find that nothing would satisfy them - no food could stave off their hunger, no drink could slake their thirst. Nothing at all would satisfy. And yet they were invincible, unable to sustain injury or death.
Is this not a picture of man in his ntural state? Always wanting more - ruthlessly climbing the corporate ladder, stealing, grabbing, pursuing all pleasure, yet never satisfied, and facing this for eternity, eternal separation from all that is good, namely God.
Johnny Depp acts really well (IMHO), as always. The camp, yet apparently straight pirate with a quick mind, and a quick wit.