Dan’s Online Diary 

# 3.11.03 by Dan
sometimes i feel like we are all just hurtling along, with very little control, getting by by pure trial and error.
i really think each of us has such a severely limited understanding of our own selves, and an even lesser understanding of others... with a deep-and-meaningful conversation not even really scratching the surface.
in much the same way as we are only truly familiar with a microscopic portion of the surface of this earth, there is so much uncharted territory both within and without.
like the scene in the last matrix - with the never-ending corridor of doors - we open one door, and experience the contents of that one room for a time, and then back out into the corridor to find another door, but having to leave so many rooms unvisited, as we simply do not have the time or resources to extensively examine each and every room.
in sharing with others we can hear tales and echos of other rooms, but still, the experience is not ours.
how can we grow? how can we explore more faster and more thoroughly? how can we better share our experiences with others?
it frustrates me - a computer can get a bigger hard-drive, more ram, a faster processor, but how do we upgrade? how can we improve our interfaces?
we can compress our data. cut out the empty space. cut out the meaningless banter(I don't need to tell you about the weather - just look at the sky for yourself), speaking only necessity. we can improve our vocabulary, so that the equivalent quantity of data contains more, and is of greater precision.
perhaps less time spent generating our own data will give us more time to receive, and process externally generated data?
one thing, we can know though, is that there is One who has all data at His fingertips. One who is simultaneously processing the data responsible for the creation and action of every single sub- and sub-sub-atomic particle ever. who knows every single bit of our own information, and of any information that was, is, and will ever be. who can act upon this information, who can manipulate this information with the greatest of ease, and in perfection. producing unspeakable beauty, wisdom, strength, justice, love, and every other resultant outcome of His information processing.