Dan’s Online Diary 

# 12.11.03 by Dan
[We all suck]
It seems lately that every time I read scripture I'm struck more and more by the grace and mercy of God, as seen in the light of our own utter unfaithfulness and depravity.
I grieve, mourn and wail for the sins of mankind.

[Dog Control]
Re: Chris Carter on microchipping dogs
How in the whole wide world is microchipping dogs going to a) be any less deficient than the current tagging system, or b) make dogs any safer?
It is still a remedial measure, and in no way prevents dogs from attacking people in the first place.
Where is the personal responsibility here?
It seems like the only penalties being incurred under the proposed Dog Control Amendment Bill are those being incurred by the dogs.
An ineffective waste of money, I say. Enforcing tougher penalties for dog owners who act irresponsibly is a much more better plan.