Dan’s Online Diary 

# 30.12.03 by Dan
I cannot make custard.
If I make it in the microwave oven, it never thickens.
If I make it in a pot on the stove, it burns.
I have resigned myself to the fact that i just cannot make custard.

Tha Japan Cru
The Japan team is back. (incl. scotty and anna)

The Return Of The King
I think that the king returned very well.
Possibly better than the two towering and the fellowshipping that went on before.
Excellent-most computer graphicness. The Elephants were simply awesome, as was Legolas's single-handed Elephant neutralising skill.

The Soren Larsen...
... is a very cool ship. Went out sailing for a few hours on the 27th. Here is some more info.