Dan’s Online Diary 

# 17.12.03 by Dan
Canon s50 in the house!
I bit the bullet and went into etown.co.nz (Queen's Arcade in town) and purchased one of Canon's finest digital photography products - the illustrious Canon s50. Five megapixels like you just wouldn't believe - in RAW format (uncompressed) an image makes a 30MB file.

We have a summer photography competition at work - the winner wins a digital camera (if they use a conventional camera) or a mystery trip away for two (if they use a digital camera), plus their winning photo gets added to the marketing department's image library.
We have two factions in our IT department - those with Canon digital cameras (two s45's and two s50's) and those with Sonys - so the competition will be lively.
I love taking photos - I'll have to upload some for your perusal.