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# 10.12.03 by Dan
This is a tragic tale.
So much could be said.
Broken and/or unconventional families are fast becoming the norm, and yet the evidence of their destructive influences on the lives of children is continually being ignored by a government who simply throws more money into picking up the pieces..
We are governed by head-in-the-clouds politicians who seem so isolated from the truth, clinging to their 'ideals', as a hapless person clings to a tree branch in the midst of a violent tornado, eyes closed, imagining they're tucked up comfy-like in a big armchair in front of a warm fire.
Countless studies(I hate 'studies' and 'statistics', to tell the truth, but anyway...) show that a child develops best when their parents are their biological parents, and are living together as a married husband and wife.
Ah well... what can we do?

Happy Birthday Doom
Doom turns 10 today. Many happy returns.